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The biggest moments in your life may only happen once, but they'll replay in your mind for decades. When you want picture proof of those moments, allow an experienced Calgary photographer to enjoy those precious times alongside you. You focus on the heartbeat of your life. We'll focus on vibrant pictures that capture that heartbeat for a lifetime. 

We deliver more than professional Calgary photography services. Our fun-loving personalities and genuine interest in connecting with each customer allow us to form long-term relationships with many of our clients. We enjoy watching your children grow through the years. It's our pleasure to preserve your weddings, anniversaries and birthdays in snapshots. At Lucid Photography, we don't just snap pictures. We capture moments that you might miss the first time around. We preserve those moments so that they become memories you'll never want to stop replaying.




We believe stunning photography doesn't have to come at a high cost. Our photography services are affordable and perfect for everyone. 


We've had years of experience capturing special moments and occasions. Let us preserve your special day and celebrate life's milestones with you. 


We've built our business on building relationships and connecting with our customers. We cater our photograpy services to your individual needs. 


We're not satisfied until you're happy with the moments we've captured. Our team is dedicated to making sure you love every one of your photos. 


When you enlist us as your official Calgary photographers, every session is a boutique experience. We cater our services to your individual needs, and we know that those needs will change over time. From selecting backdrops or picking locations to determining the best poses and props, our primary concern is bringing out the best in every client. You deserve photographer in Calgary at its best.

Our goal is to keep you comfortable so that your authentic personality can shine. Be the beautiful person that you are, and trust us to capture the magic that is uniquely you. We don't just work hard to make every photo session a fun and rewarding experience. We do so while offering the highest quality with the most reasonable prices possible.









There's never a bad time to hire a professional photographer in Calgary. Allow us to capture the moment that you say, "I do." Smile lovingly into the camera while embracing your prom date. Mark each new season with a new family photo. What about a boudoir photography session to tease someone special or to celebrate an anniversary with a little spice?

Give us the pleasure of forever preserving the chubby cheeks, missing teeth and angelic smiles of your babies. They're going to trade diapers for sports uniforms. Booties for heels or perhaps cleats. Professional Calgary photographers is the perfect way to remember the little things while celebrating the big milestones.


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Why Consider Lucid Photography?

Around Lucid Photography we sincerely take becoming a wedding photographer incredibly gravely. All of us fully grasp that any time folk are shopping to find a terrific family photographer in Calgary online these people want the best. This is exactly why continually attempt to really be the smartest wedding photographer we can be inside Alberta. It truly is our commitment to really embodying the standout that has won us very good admiration with our own clients.

As a terrific family photographer in Calgary online we all of course continuously strive to spend some time to hear every customers inquiries diligently and devoid of impatience. We inevitably take time. We feel that it is genuinely vital to be certain buyers feel valued and also looked after.

Certainly, there really are not an excess of wedding photographer who hold the exact expertise and background to label themselves as being front runner for their sector. Merge this along with our very high degree of customer support and truly we feel we are the greatest terrific family photographer in Calgary online around Alberta.

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We are pleased to examine all your present wedding photographer concerns in depth on the telephone or through e-mail if perhaps this is better for you. Then we can easily propose the option that very best fulfils your present needs. Learn precisely why people now describe us as the very best terrific family photographer in Calgary online!

Even Now Require Persuading? Different Great Reasons Lucid Photography is certainly A Terrific Family Photographer In Calgary Online

Commitment to Elite Quality - A Terrific Family Photographer In Calgary Online and A Terrific Family Photographer In Calgary Online

Our devotion to excellence is definitely incredibly high. In case you are trying to become a terrific family photographer in Calgary online or a terrific family photographer in Calgary online, there is seriously not one other choice but to give it your best possible to excel. When a specified consumer will take extra work, we all afford that particular purchaser additional work. Just about anything for us to be confident they are completely happy with us all as a wedding photographer. Note, we do work with pretty much all of Alberta, so don't hesitate to give us a call.

Perseverance - A Terrific Family Photographer In Calgary Online and A Terrific Family Photographer In Calgary Online

Our customers have sometimes defined our business as a terrific family photographer in Calgary online, a terrific family photographer in Calgary online, a terrific family photographer in Calgary online combined with the perfect Alberta situated wedding photographer you can find! Honestly that does not just happen unless there is unbelievably diligent work and also dedication to the businesses consumers plus the quality of your work. If perhaps you might be searching to find a terrific family photographer in Calgary online, we certainly feel that we are truly the most effective solution. Call Lucid Photography to discuss the needs you have right away! 4039262005.

Skill - A Terrific Family Photographer In Calgary Online and A Terrific Family Photographer In Calgary Online

With any field, knowledge can be a top aspect relating to end results. Whenever you will be requiring a terrific family photographer in Calgary online, this will be much more real. Being a wedding photographer, we all can certainly explain to anyone in person how the outcome is definitely measured from the working experience of the business you have been contracting. The very significant volume of working experience that Lucid Photography offers in being a terrific family photographer in Calgary online, is undoubtedly precisely why you must invest in us all for your valued business. In case you happen to be wanting to get a terrific family photographer in Calgary online, think about Lucid Photography. Please talk to all of us ASAP.

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We don't like to get underpriced. Try not to pay ridiculous rates simply because you didn't talk to us. Think you were told an outstanding value presently? Why don't you be absolutely completely assured? Talk with us. You may just simply realize that we are in fact most suitable company. Lots of people have previously.

Deciding the wedding photographer to retain is a significant undertaking. Choose the best evaluation. Shouldn't you meet with us all with zero expectation to know on your own if we all are actually the most effective wedding photographer for you.

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